Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taking advantage of the climate

It's one of the fairly obvious things you should do, wherever it is that you live: take advantage of the climate. After all, you can't actually do much about it, so why not organise life to make the most of it? Thus my thoughts about getting one of these Viking grills to make the most of the climate where we are. For, yes, you've guessed it, we're in a nice warm climate where cooking outside is a near (even if not entirely) year round thing.

The point to a Viking gas grill is that it's made to the top commercial standards. This means huge 29,000 BTU burners, everything made of stainless steel so that there are never problems with rust or leaving it outside. So you can in fact equip the kitchen garden (umm, that's the kitchen in the garden, not the garden used to grow things for the kitchen) in the happy knowledge that you're not going to uncover everything in the spring and find you need to buy it all again.

But as I say, down here we don't really have to worry about that at all. And the other nice thing about the Viking grill is that it is indeed gas: I much prefer cooking on gas to electrcity or even charcoal. It's so much easier to control, less messy and, well, just in general it's better. But there is still one question remaining: which of the range should I get? The heart is of course that gas grill pictured: but the range goes all the way up to a 53 inch monster grill with side burners, oven, storage drawers and.....well, it's not so much how much do I want to spend, rather, how often am I going to be cooking for an army?