Monday, December 11, 2006

Very Amusing

Over at the Celebblog there's a very amusing story about Kendra Jade.

Apparently she's in a committed relationship but this doesn't stop her from leaping into bed with Kevin Federline. Kendra Jade and the K-Ferret an described as simply being friends who have sex a lot.

She has been, apparently, starring with Kevin Federline in rehearsals for the Britney Spears Sex Video.

I guess the thing is that if you work in that end of the film industry the definition of 'committed relationship'  is rather different from the more usual one used out here in the real world.

You know, if your living is made by appearing in sex videos then perhaps you have a different definition of sexual continence than other people?

Hmm, perhaps sexual continence isn't the right phrase there. Doesn't include sex in the meaning of committed perhaps?

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Cold fingers, time for a hot shower, pubs are open....why am I still blogging?