Saturday, June 11, 2005

Internet Entrepreneur.

This internetweb thingie really does throw up some opportunities does it not? Try reading this biography of an internet entrepreneur. Stirring stuff and probably a huge amount of money made veryquickly.

Jessica Cutler Playboy Photos.

Jessica Cutler, who you may remember as Washingtonienne, was an intern on Capital Hill who started up a blog detailing her experiences. These seemed to include having sex for money with a number of people who worked on the Hill.

This, not unnaturally, got her a lot of attention after her blog was featured by Wonkette. A few days later she was unmasked, fired, and that was, we thought, the last we would hear of the matter. However, fame in America doesn’t seem to work that way. First she got a book deal (with a rumoured $350,000 advance) and then she was asked to pose for photos for Playboy.

If you want to see what she looks like, are interested in what politicians will pay money to have sex with, why not take a look at the photos from Playboy? They’re here, no subscription or registration necessary.