Wednesday, November 04, 2009

As you all know, dear readers you, we're getting this pair of houses together down here and we're finding that we're nearly there. It's just the finishing touches to go really and we're done and can start to actually live in them rather than continually wondering what we're supposed to be doing to them.

One of the little parts of getting these things finally finished is of course making sure that we've got an address plaque up outside the house so that people know where they are. Well, of course, they'll know they're here, but that's not all that useful now is it? They'll also know that we're here which is very useful indeed for some people: like the mailman or perhaps the Fed Ex guy who always seems to ask me to come down to the depot as he cannot find us or our place. So, having decided that an address plaque there must be, which of the different possibilities of address plaques should it be? You can click through the links to see the sort of selection we can choose from.

Me, myself, I rather like the look of that brass one. I can just see myself rather smugly polishing it as I contemplate the houses that we've built here: I can also rather less happily see myself chasing the children down the street after they've left sticky fingerprints on my newly polished address plaques but then we all need to get our exercise somehow, don't we?

Hmm, maybe a rethink called for here: excuse me while I go back to trolling through the catalogue for exactly the right address plaque.